Important OSTIA MAP 25 | NEW "SEASONS" | $2,150 PRIZE

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    Welcome to Ostia Map 25!

    ⚔️ This post will contain everything you need to know about the upcoming Factions reset. ⚔️

    This map will last for 4 weeks. This map will consist of 2 seasons, including 1 full reset (After first PayPal payout)!
    Friday, 17/08/2019 @ 2pm EST
    Factions Top Prizes (Both seasons):

    ➜ First Week (Grace):
    1st - $100 Buycraft
    2nd - $50 Buycraft
    3rd - $25 Buycraft
    ➜ Second Week:

    1st - $300 PayPal & 100 Buycraft
    2nd - $150 PayPal & $50 Buycraft

    3rd - $100 PayPal & $25 Buycraft
    ➜ Third Week (Grace):
    1st - $100 Buycraft
    2nd - $50 Buycraft
    3rd - $25 Buycraft
    ➜ Last week of the map:
    1st - $300 PayPal
    2nd - $150 PayPal
    3rd - $100 PayPal
    Statstop Prizes (Cane):
    ➜ 2 Payouts at end of both Grace periods:
    1st - $50 PayPal & $50 Buycraft
    2nd - $25 PayPal & $25 Buycraft

    3rd - $25 Buycraft

    Server Informations:
    World Size: 2,500 x 2,500 Blocks (Overworld, End, Nether & Wastlenad)
    Faction member limit: 50
    Ally Limit: 1
    Power per player: 150
    Buffer limit: 25 Chunks

    Grace Period: 5 days
    Cannon speed limit: 3 sec
    Economy spreadsheet: Click me

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    Introducing Seasons

    For map 25 we are completely changing how our reset system works and are dividing each map into 2 seasons! A 4 week map Including 1 full server wipe and 2 big payouts! Each season will be 13 days long, including a 5 day grace period.On the 14th day the entire server will be wiped and a fresh reset will start with new prizes. Updates and new features will happen after every season.

    A total ftop of $900, and herbalism of $175 PER season this map making the total payout over $2150!

    Upgradable Harvesterhoes

    You are now able to upgrade your harvester hoe. You now start at level 0 which is the default drop. You can go all the way up to level 5 after that making the biggest possible drop rate 3 cane per hit! (Every level adds 0.5)

    Server file rework (New jar)

    As we want the best possible experience, we finally decided to team up with Bestle to create the most flawless setup we could. Along with adding a new jar, we recoded many plugins to make them as efficient as possible.
    (Faction leader can test this before playing)

    /f drain

    You are now able to collect money from faction members that log out with big amounts. Configure this in the /f perm gui

    Last Man Standing

    We have decided to return our LMS event plugin! A lot of you missed this feature so here you go. It has been cleaned up & recoded and should not have any bugs. Also added /lms winners

    Upgradable Outpost

    This map we have added 2 additional upgrades to our Outpost making the highest possible sell multiplier 3x. Remember that Outpost gives all online players in your faction $1,500 every second!
    Sell wands also work with your outpost multiplier


    The highly requested /duel feature has now been added. You can currently pick 4 different kits and 3 different arenas.

    Stats Top

    As requested by the community we’ve now added /statstop. You are able to check the following stats: timeplayed, canebroken and cactusplaced. We’ve also made it so you can sort the list by your faction only.

    Anti Spawner hiding ♦

    One of our biggest additions this map is to completely remove the ability to hide spawners for more competitive gameplay. Spawners can no longer be placed in Enderchests, Playervaults, Normal chests etc. We’ve also made it so spawners don't work at all unless they are claimed.

    Reworked raiding rules

    We have changed some raiding rules. The most important ones are:
    1. Ally raiding is no longer allowed
    2. Cannon speed is now 3 sec.
    3. Updated spawner hiding rule

    Balanced crates

    All crates have received a huge revamp. The main thing we have reduced is Spawner & Banknotes as the rates & quantities were way too high.

    Flawless Printer

    We’ve finally added a new printer plugin that fixes all issues the old one had. Our printer is now 100% flawless with no speed limits & no ghost blocks guaranteed!

    Envoy Revamp

    We have fully revamped loot you gain from envoys, they should be worth going to now!

    Bug fixes / changes
    Lost our bugfix channel due to our discord being griefed :(

    Events Schedule
    We now have an events schedule.

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