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    Welcome to Ostia Map 24!

    ⚔️ This post will contain everything you need to know about the upcoming Factions reset. ⚔️

    This map will last for 3 weeks.
    Friday, 12/07/2019 @ 4pm EST
    Factions Top Prizes:

    ➜ First Week (Grace):
    1st - $150 Buycraft
    2nd - $60 Buycraft
    3rd - $35 Buycraft
    ➜ Second Week:

    1st - $180 PayPal & 175 Buycraft
    2nd - $75 PayPal & $75 Buycraft

    3rd - $50 PayPal & $50 Buycraft
    ➜ Last week of the map:
    1st - $180 PayPal
    2nd - $75 PayPal
    3rd - $80 PayPal
    Statstop Prizes (Cane):
    ➜ First 2 weeks:
    1st - $25 PayPal & $25 Buycraft
    2nd - $25 Buycraft
    3rd - $15 Buycraft

    Server Informations:
    World Size: 2,500 x 2,500 Blocks (Overworld, End, Nether & Wastlenad)
    Faction member limit: 40
    Ally Limit: 1
    Power per player: 150
    Buffer limit: 25 Chunks

    Grace Period: 5 days
    Economy spreadsheet: Coming soon!

    • [​IMG]
    Flawless Printer

    We’ve finally added a new printer plugin that fixes all issues the old one have. Our printer is now 100% flawless with no speed limits & no ghost blocks guaranteed!

    Revamped PvP

    Lets be honest the PvP on ostia use to be pretty shit but we’ve now together with players on our server perfected the damage, knockback and armor durability!

    Stats Top

    As requested by the community we’ve now added /statstop. You are able to check the following stats: timeplayed, canebroken and cactusplaced. We’ve also made it so you can sort the list by your faction only.

    Stable TPS & Ping

    The last 10 maps or so we’ve collected a lot of plugins etc on the way which has slowly brought down the tps & ping on the server. This has now been cleaned up and fixed. TPS is now at a constant 20.

    Anti Spawner hiding ♦

    One of our biggest additions this map is to completely remove the ability to hide spawners for a more competitive gameplay. Spawners can no longer be placed in Enderchests, Playervaults, Normal chests etc. We’ve also made it so spawners dont work at all unless they are claimed.

    New Economy

    After way to many maps of the same economy we’ve finally made a new one. The new economy should be interested as you can make similar money from all spawners. Cactus is DISABLED.
    Eco: Soon

    Balanced crates

    Not gonna deny it, the crates we’re stupidly OP last map. All crates have received a huge revamp. The main thing we have reduced is Spawner & Banknotes as the rates & quantities were way to high.

    Cannon lag

    As you have probably noticed if you played our last few maps, we’ve had many issues with cannons. This was not caused by the actual server jar, but the issue is now fixed and cannoning is flawless again like it once was!

    Dupe tracking

    We’ve implemented various methods of tracking dupes. Not only that but we have also added a UUID system to banknotes. The same UUID can only be redeemed once eliminating any way of duping them.

    Discord Faction Chats

    To make all communication easier between staff & factions we’ve added !f create to our discord bot. You can use !f invite & !f kick.
    The goal if this is to improve communication and unlike tickets faction chats will not be closed.

    Old Outpost

    We have listened to the community and brought back one of our oldest Outpost builds. Instead of having its on world, the outpost is located in the warzone. Also any faction that has the Outpost captured will receive $2,000 every minute to any member currently online in that faction.

    Bug fixes / changes

    Fixed /wild not working correctly & reduced TP delay.
    Removed Wither raiding
    Added an option to refill sandbots with sand in the GUI
    Fixed players being able to broadcast /afk in hubs
    Fixed players having access to /f chest in combat
    Removed old LMS Plugin until new one is re-coded as there were many bugs in it
    Removed Pig, Chicken, Cave Spider & Spider spawners from /shop
    Combat timer increased from 15 to 25 seconds
    Added new sell wands that work with Outpost multiplier
    Made mobstacker & clearlag announcer less spammy
    Increased clear lag timer from 5 minutes to 20
    Fixed pvp sometimes being enabled at warp crates on sotw
    Fixed /Wild teleporting outside worldborder
    Fixed supply drops spawning underground in warzone
    Removed TNT wands
    Brand new mobstacker plugin with better performance
    Fixed Harvesterhoes (Now work with mcmmo & autosell)
    Fixed most ping issues
    Fixed pixelarts not showing correctly in Nether
    Added /TNTtoggle & /stats
    Fixed all bugs with all kits giving items that didn't work
    Fixed Obsidian Breaker
    Removed progressive ftop. Disabled spawners from enderchest, playervaults
    Removed Stacked Spawners
    Fixed Faction missions not giving credits with some missions

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