OSTIA MAP 23 | $1,500 FTOP | 3 WEEK MAP

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    Welcome to Ostia Map 23!

    ⚔️ This post will contain everything you need to know about the upcoming Factions reset. ⚔️

    This map will last for 3 weeks.
    Friday, 14/06/2019 @ 4pm EST
    Factions Top Prizes:

    PayPal: $850
    BuyCraft: $650

    ➜ First Week (Grace):
    1st - $175 Buycraft
    2nd - $50 Buycraft
    3rd - $25 Buycraft
    ➜ Second Week:

    1st - $225 PayPal & $225 Buycraft
    2nd - $125 PayPal & $100 Buycraft

    3rd - $75 PayPal & $70 Buycraft
    ➜ Last week of the map:
    1st - $225 PayPal
    2nd - $125 PayPal
    3rd - $75 PayPal

    Server Informations:
    World Size: 2,500 x 2,500 Blocks (Overworld, End, Nether & Wastlenad)
    Faction member limit: 15
    Ally Limit: 1
    Power per player: 200
    Buffer limit: 20 Chunks
    Buffer limit (END & OVERWORLD): 15
    Grace Period: 5 days
    Economy spreadsheet: https://bit.ly/Ostia_Economy

    • [​IMG]



    Updated Sword Damage and Armor Durability

    Koth will now automatically end after 3 hours
    Updated Server Rules
    We updated / added new server rules, make sure you read them! Click Here

    Flawless Printer
    The printer plugin has been updated.

    Sand Bots
    Sand bots will be able to place sand for you in a certain block.
    If there is any Brick block near the bot, it will start placing Sand in a radius of 5x5 blocks. The bot will automatically destroy after 10.000 sand blocks placed. The sand won't be free. The bot will take money from the faction balance, if there is no money, the bot will stop placing sand until he detects money. You can get this bot from buycraft, kits, and from the in-game token shop! This bot is supposed to help you raid a base, using it to defend your base or else, will result in a Faction Warning.

    Friend List
    This plugin allows your friends to teleport to you automatically if they are added to your friend list. There is a cooldown on this and you're not able to do it in combat just like the normal tpa plugin.

    Stacked Spawners
    All spawners of the same type placed in the same chunk will now stack up to stacks of 6. After the stack of 6 is filled, you will be able to place another stack of spawners in that same chunk.


    Collectors is our new way of introducing a mob-hopper like item. The collector does however not collect dropped items on the floor, it will only collect all items dropped by mobs in the same chunk as it is in. The items it collects are shown in the gyazo below. These items can be easily sold with the click of your mouse. The permissions of these collectors can however not be changed using /f perms so anyone able to get close enough to the collector will be able to open it and sell, even if they are not in your faction.
    ReCoded Mob Drops & Mob Stacking
    The mobdrop & mobstacker plugin have been outdated for a bit now so we decided to replace them and completely re-written them.

    Revamped Crates & Broadcast
    We’ve finally reworked all crates and added the highly requested “Broadcast” feature. If someone opens a crate it will now broadcast in chat what that person wins.

    Wither Raiding
    Wither raiding is something that is loved by some, but also hated by others. We have however decided to bring back wither raiding in the End world & Overworld for this map.

    Faction Names
    You are now able to see the Faction Name in the TAB and near the name of the user

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