OSTIA MAP 22 | $1,150 FTOP | 2 WEEK MAP

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    Welcome to Ostia Map 22!
    Releasing this Saturday, 27th APRIL @ 2 PM EST

    This post will contain everything you need to know about the upcoming Factions reset.
    This map will last for 2 weeks.

    TOTAL FTOP PRIZE: $1,150
    Grace Period

    1st - $100 Buycraft

    2nd - $50 Buycraft

    3rd - $25 Buycraft

    End of the map

    1st - $360 PayPal and $200 Buycraft

    2nd - $140 PayPal and $150 Buycraft

    3rd - $90 PayPal and $50 Buycraft

    All worlds are 2,500 x 2,500 Blocks (End, Nether, Wasteland & Overworld).
    Faction member limit is 65.
    150 power per player.
    Insiding is bannable.
    Leftshooting is disabled.
    Grace period is 5 days long.
    Buffer Limit is: 30 Chunks
    Economy spreadsheet: https://goo.gl/LdR5cN (or embed at end of this thread)​



    Unban all
    Everyone has been unbanned from the server.
    Blacklisted users are still banned

    Introducing progressive F TOP
    To prevent Factions from mining their spawners and placing the day before a payout, we've introduced a brand new system: 'progressive F top'. This means that when a spawner is placed it now takes 3.5 days (84 hours) to become its full value (its purchase price on /shop) on the factions top list. As of now when a spawner is placed it will be worth 10% of its full value. For every 12 consecutive hours that a spawner is placed for, it will gain an additional 10% of its full value until it reaches its full value. If a spawner is blown up or mined, this will reset and the spawner will be worth 10% of its full value once it is placed again regardless of how long it has been placed prior to being destroyed.

    Cane & cactus economy

    There are lots of different opinions regarding cane or cactus economy. Because of this, we've decided to allow both but with a limitation on the number of "cactus hoppers" that can be placed: every faction will be able to place a total of 125 Cactus Hoppers. Attempting to bypass this in any way will result in the offending faction receiving a faction warning, them having their cactus farms removed, and possibly having faction top value deducted depending on the severity of their infraction.

    Please note that cactus will be FULLY disabled after the 5 day grace period.

    Cactus sell price = $1.30
    Sugarcane sell price = $15

    Added fortified chunks
    This is a brand new patch that will completely change cannoning. Since cannons have been getting faster it has got increasingly harder to find a way to make it fair for both raiders and defenders. To try and resolve this, there will now be a cooldown every time you fire into a new chunk with a cannon (2 Seconds) {This number could change}.

    Added obsidian breaker
    This will allow you to instantly break obsidian. This new feature will be available from the in-game token shop and our webstore.

    Added Patch Buckets
    These will allow you to patch nukes and pseudos with ease.
    GIF in spoiler.

    Added command confirmation
    Now you will need to confirm some commands to execute them.

    Added vote
    You can now vote the server on Minecraft server lists to earn rewards in-game. Use the command '/vote' in-game for a list of links to voting sites.

    Added math minigame
    This will allow you to answer addition questions in-game to receive cash rewards. Simply answer a question by saying the answer in chat.

    Reboot update

    As of now, every time that the server restarts, everyone will be sent to the hub instead of being disconnected to the server list.
    (won't disconnect you from the server any more)

    Fix All Update
    A 10 minute cooldown has been added to the command /fix all

    The world "Blizzard" has been replaced with "Wasteland"
    Reason: Snow blocks, stop server ticks, and that was causing server lag

    Added new commands
    Added /info (Server info)
    Added /discord (Server discord)
    Added /outpost coords (Outpost coords)

    Gui for kits and warps
    A gui has been added for kits and warps

    Updated chunk busters
    Chunk busters are now faster and you can mine more than 1 chunk.

    Increased Sword Damage
    Swords now do more damage.
    Now: [​IMG]
    Before: [​IMG]

    Clear Lag command

    You can now see clearlag's timer with /clearlag

    Reintroduced & revamped Outpost

    • We've now made it so that all online members in the faction controlling the outpost will receive double XP. All members that are online in the faction controlling the outpost will receive $3000 for every minute that their faction controls the outpost.

    • Sell wands will now work with the outpost sell boosts.

    • There are also 2 faction upgrades available. You can upgrade the GUI sell price and voidchest sell price by a multiplier value that increases as you purchase more upgrades.


    Economy embed:
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