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  1. I'm UnlimitedEgirl but I'd prefer to be called Egirl I'm 18 and I'm from Canada. I am very athletic I enjoy playing basketball, soccer and volleyball, I do also enjoying gaming on my xbox one mostly fortnite or scratch are the main two I play and sometimes I would play apex legends. I've been staffing since 2015 and I've had alot of staff experiences I will list a few.
    Noxiouspvp Admin
    Invasionpvp Mod
    Trophypvp Admin
    WickedPvp Manager
    Hytitude Helper,mod,sr mod,admin and manager
    MysticPvp Admin and manager
    Driftmc sr.mod
    Tempest helper
    Covalicamc mod
    Pvpdistrict mod
    Helper 06/18/19


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