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    1. What is your current IGN? GameUpdate
    2. What is your discord ID? GameUpdate#1178
    3. What region are you from? EU
    4. How old are you? 18
    5. Can any existing staff members vouch for you? No
    6. What country are you from? Denmark
    7. What timezone are you in? GMT +1
    8. How active per day can you be? Too much on discord, since I have it on my phone so pretty much all the time except when I sleep and in game for now only a couple hours a day sometimes less since I might be busy with school work
    9. What language(s) do you speak? English, French, I'm pretty good and danish and understand a lot of Spanish.
    10. Do you have any previous staff experience? From helper to admin/manager on VerixPvP and from helper to mod+ on ReflexMC those are my most recent experiences.
    11. Do you have a screen recorder to record evidence? If you have screen recording software installed, that
    12. Do you have a working microphone? Yes
    13. How long have you been playing Ostia Network (or OstiaPvP)? Mostly played on OstiaPvP a while back but not that much recently on the network. I would say that I have played one or two maps.
    14. Are you already a staff member on another server? No
    15. Have you ever been punished on Ostia Network (or OstiaPvP)? No
    16. How can you make Ostia Network better if you are accepted as staff? I feel like I have all the potential in the world to improve on myself by learning and to improve where I am with what I learned. I have learned so much in the past and have used that knowledge to the best of my ability on Verix and would like to learn more from elsewhere and use what I learned and what I will learn to further improve Ostia in any way I can. I often have ideas to improve a server in game or even discord wise. I am thirsty with knowledge and only want to help the place where I can learn and improve. Ostia is I believe, a good server becoming bigger by the day and I want to see how it will grow and help it grow higher by any means possible. I am intrigued to see what it can do and what I can do to help it and that is how I can make it better, by using what I know to help out the community as best as I can, to help the server grow with ideas, to make it develop into something big.
    17. Why do you want to become a staff member on Ostia Network? I like to learn from wherever I can and now I would like to learn from Ostia. I have always loved the community on servers and how servers work and I love to help people and make their experience better on the server. It's all about having fun on a game and I truly believe that staff's job is to make the server more fun and enjoyable for everyone by always helping out or fixing and doing things for the community. I feel like I am kind of repeating myself about knowledge and learning but it really is a big thing for me, gaining experience, friends and growing with the server.

    18. One reason is that I would like to change servers and meet new people. I enjoy seeing new faces and changing to Ostia Network will fulfil this for me.

    19. Another is that I am trying to find a server that I can stay in for a long time, and settle down in. Ostia Network looks like the perfect server for this too.

      Another is that I follow a philosophy where I put more back into something that I took out: I have played Ostia Network, and I would like to help it thrive and become better than it was than I first joined when I leave - contributing to the community.

      I think that a good analogy for staffing on Minecraft is the policing executed by riot police in that it is important to maintain a sense of balance between the police and the rioters - Police must not be seen to be too aggressive, because they are heavily outnumbered by rioters and if they are aggressive, then the rioters will stop fighting each other, and start fighting police, which could be very dangerous. However, police must also not be too lax as if they do not do anything, chaos will break out, and no rules will be followed. This is applicable in Minecraft: the police are the staff members and the rioters are the players. It follows that a balanced approach should be taken with these players, where the situation is calmed in a peaceful manner as far as possible, and then as a last resort stronger actions can be employed. It follows that staffing must be perfectly balanced to retain players, and I feel that I can achieve this level of staffing.

      I also enjoy helping players and giving them guidance when they need it. Helping people is one of my favourite parts of the job.

    1. Why should we choose you over other applicants? People like to think that I am older and wiser than other people in the mc community but that might not be true as I do have my stupid moments although I think I do get serious when needed and fun whenever I can. Hence I do get my job well done and thoroughly every time since I had to set up realms and setup plugins etc for VerixPvP so I do take pride from my work and would never want to mess up. I am also a person who is not scared to take the blame for a controversial decision as I already have and will continue to since I believe I do what is right and what the rules tell me and apply them. I have made errors in the past but have now learned from them and can now move on to maybe never mess up again or at least to make the right decision whatever the community says. I believe with my knowledge, my maturity, my time I put in the community, in working and with the ideas to implements on the server that I often bring up will make me a better candidate. It might and probably sounds cocky but I assure you I think I am worth the shot.
    2. I think you should accept me as staff because I am dedicated to becoming a staff, I also dedicate most of my time to the server that I am playing or is staff on the server. I am active and I think I would be a great addition to the staff team for my features I can bring to the server. I also am straight forward and passionate about what I am doing, I try my hardest to please the people in the right way and if anything is not suiting them right and if it's my fault, I will take the punishment and not complain unless its abuse.

    1. If you are accepted, how will you benefit the current staff team? I have a lot of knowledge about Minecraft since I have been playing for way to long, almost 6-7 years now and staffing I have been learning through different servers and recently going all the way up the chain to the top on VerixPvP made me learn so much about staffing in general that I think could be beneficial for everyone, I also like to chat with people sometimes get a bit social. I think I get along well with people and can relate on a lot of Minecraft things and actual life things since I am older than the average Minecrafter I think so ya, I'm a very nice pal sometimes who likes to go learn and sometimes teach but also get along with everyone around me. Also with the time I put into discord, tickets are done quickly and ready for staff in the game to do them if I'm not on or for me to give info to them.
    2. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? No.
  2. Hi!
    You've been accepted for an interview with Ostia Network. You have been assigned the "Pending" role in our discord, and now have access to wait in the interview waiting room. Please note that we may take some time to interview you, just wait in our Discord, PM an online admin or higher, and watch a movie whilst you wait for us to move you. When we move you, we will PM you and message you on Discord. If you're AFK, we will move you out of the waiting room, and wait for you to rejoin so that the interview can commence.

    Please also note: Your application is still under review and you have not been guaranteed a staff position. If we find something in your application which breaches the guidelines set out in our Application format thread, your application will be rejected immediately.

    We look forward to seeing you soon.

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