Frontier Map #2 Change-Log

$1,250 In Prizes
Releasing on Saturday the 11th of August
at 2PM EST!

Grace Period

1st - $100 Buycraft

Week 2

1st - $200 PayPal and $200 Buycraft
2nd - $100 PayPal and $150 Buycraft
3rd - $75 PayPal and $50 Buycraft

Week 3

1st - $200 PayPal
2nd - $100 PayPal
3rd - $75 PayPal

Melon Slicer

For the first time, we are introducing a new and improved eco!
With the addition of melon's to our eco, we have created melon slicers. When breaking a melon with a
melon slicer in your hand, it will act as a harvester hoe and place the melon in your inventory.

Ostia is proud to announce that we will now be running Last Man Standing's every 3 hours!
Once the LMS is announced in chat players will have 5 minutes to join before it starts.
To avoid targeting everyone in the LMS will be disguised as other users, once there is only one person
left they will receive a randomised prize.

Blind F-TOP
As this is 15-Man and there will be quite a few new factions who are trying to get some practice,
we will be introducing Blind F-TOP for the grace period to prevent anyone from getting disheartened.
This also brings a sense of mystery as no-one can tell who is on top.

Alt Whitelisting
Because we are only allowing 15 people per faction, we understand you will need a way to AFK spawners.
So we have come up with the idea of /altwhitelist! This plugin allows you to whitelist alts so they can fly in your claims
and they won't knock you out of fly when you are near them.

Supply Drops
As well as envoys there will now be a supply drop every 5 hours that lands in a randomised location in the wilderness.
Once opened these supply drops contain loot worth your while.

New Anti-Cheat
We are aware that the anti-cheat wasn't the past on the past few maps, so we have took steps to improve

You are now able to use /printer in-game. To use this feature your inventory has to be empty. Printermode will allow you to print in any schematic you want without having to buy blocks from /shop! Instead, it will take the money out of your balance for each block you place.

Multiple different tiers of the chest will fall out of the sky around the warzone every 4 hours, the chest can contain all from miscellaneous and banknotes to spawners and armour. The three different tiers are called “Basic” “Lucky” and “Titan” the Titan being the best, Lucky being the middle tier and Basic being the lowest. Items may change and improve during the season.

TNT Pouch
Store tnt inside of your very own tnt pouch. You can deposit it into the pouch by left-clicking a chest, dispenser or if you have tnt in your inventory. The same thing goes for depositing but instead, you right click. You are able to /tntfill directly from your own tntpouch. You need to be holding the pouch in your hand while entering the command for this to work. /tntfill (amount) (radius). You can also use /tntunfill (radius) to remove tnt from dispensers into your tnt pouch.

Cannon JAR
Ostia is known for the flawless cannoning and constant 20 TPS. Compared to many other server Ostia excels
in this category. We can handle essentially any cannon.

Ostia Network Season 1:

This will be the first season of Frontier and Ostia being inside the Ostia Network, and because of this, both servers will be bigger and better than ever with a total of $2,500 in F-TOP Prizes!

Release Date: Saturday the 11th of August at 2PM EST
$1,500 In F-TOP Prizes!


Release Date: Saturday the 18th of August at 2PM EST
$1,500 In F-TOP Prizes!

More information will be released soon regarding both releases!